Create and manage custom attributes for deals and companies

Creating custom attributes is useful when you need to store additional information for your deals and companies that are not available in the default attributes. Custom attributes can be included in your creation forms or import files. 

To access the attributes settings page:

  1. Go to Deals > Settings.
  2. Access the attributes settings page:

Create custom attributes

To create custom attributes for your deals and companies:

  1. From the attributes settings page, click Create an attribute.
  2. Name your custom attribute.
  3. Select the type of attributes that you want to create. For more information on attribute types, check our article about the available types of attributes.
  4. Click Create.

Your custom attribute is now available and can be used to store information about your deals or companies.

Edit or delete custom attributes

❗️ Important
By deleting a custom attribute, you will permanently lose all information previously stored in the attribute. Note that this action is irreversible.

On the attributes settings page, scroll down to the Created attributes section. From there, you can view, edit, and delete any of your existing custom attributes.


Edit the Lost reason attribute

The Lost reason attribute is a default attribute, but you can edit it to customize the reasons available when you close a lost deal.

  1. On the attributes settings page, scroll down to the Lost reason attribute.
  2. Click Edit. From there, you can:
    1. Edit the name of a category.
    2. Click the bin icon to delete a category.
      ❗️ Important
      If you delete a category, the closed lost reason will be deleted for all associated deals.
    3. Click Add new category to create a new reason and name the category.
  3. Click Save.

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