Set up a Contact form bot - Part 3: Visitors consent

We've created a series of articles to help you discover the Contact form feature in Conversations. In this article, we will see when, and how to request your visitors' consent in your contact form. 

❗️ Important
You must edit the default consent text fields and/or bot phrases if you work with customers from the EU to comply with GDPR and inform your visitors how and why their data will be used and collected. The examples below are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation or legal advice. Information that is provided to your customers in accordance with GDPR and other applicable privacy laws should take into account the context and the purposes of the data processing, that only you are able to know.

When should you ask your visitors' consent?

❗️ Important
This section only gives advice to help you understand when and how to request your visitors' consent. To ensure you are in compliance with GDPR or any other applicable data protection or electronic communications laws and regulations (imposed where your organization is established or where your customers might be located), we advise you to contact your legal counsel. Brevo shall not be responsible if your use of the Brevo services does not comply with the GDPR or other applicable laws and regulations (in particular regarding privacy and electronic communication).

If you want to use your visitors' data for any purpose, you must inform them how and why you will use their data and even ask for their consent in specific situations.

First of all, make sure that you are collecting information that is relevant to your business (data minimization) and for purposes that are legitimate and clear. For example, you will not need your visitors’ date of birth to contact them or to give details about one of your products. Always make sure that your visitors are aware of how and why you will use their data. For example, let them know if you will use their data for statistics purposes, to evaluate the conversation's quality, or to send them newsletters. You are entirely responsible for deciding on the processing of your customers' personal data and for the information you share with your customers.

Requesting consent to process personal data is mandatory. For consent to be legally given, it must be freely given, specific, informed, explicit and unambiguous.

To help you comply with GDPR and make sure your visitors are aware of how and why you will be using their data and will be able to give their explicit consent, we made sure that you can edit the default messages for each checkbox and bot phrases of your contact form. 

For example, you can edit the first default checkbox message to ask your visitors if they agree to have their personal data collected for the purpose of your website and paste the link to your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. To learn more, check our dedicated section below How to request visitors' consent?. Then you can edit the default bot phrases to add specific information on how and why you use your visitors' data. To learn more on bot phrases and how to customize them, check our dedicated article Set up a Contact form bot - Part 4: Customize bot phrases .

Edited default messages Contact form on visitors' side
conversations_checkbox-bot-phrases-custom_EN-US.png conversations_contact-form-inform-ask-consent2_EN-US_copy.png

How to request visitors' consent?

You can ask your visitors' consent directly from the Settings > Contact form page and the Visitors consent section. From there you will be able to decide which consent you would like to ask from your visitors and add extra information on how and why their data will be used in the relevant text fields. 

❗️ Important
If you chose to have different support languages, remember to update your messages in all languages by clicking on the tabs at the top of each text field.

Ask visitors' consent to your terms


Check this box to ask visitors if they agree to your Terms of Service and confirm that they have read your website's Privacy Policy. Your visitors will have to check this box to be able to send their message, it is mandatory.

Edit the default message to paste the link to your Terms of Service page and to add any additional data collection information your visitors should consent to.

Ask visitors' consent to your marketing communications


Check this box to ask visitors if they agree to receive your marketing emails. Your visitors can leave this box unchecked, it is optional.

Edit the default message if needed.

❗️ Important
If you do not check this box or if your visitors do not consent to receive your marketing communications, they will automatically be blocklisted and will not receive your email, SMS, and WhatsApp campaigns. However, if the visitor's details were already stored in your contact database, they will remain unchanged. 
To learn more about blocklisted contacts, check our dedicated article Contacts blocklisted from your campaigns.

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