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Exclude contacts from your recipients

When creating your campaign, Brevo allows you to exclude some contacts from your recipients to target your audience

To exclude some contacts from your recipients, you can either use exclusion lists or segments


After selecting the lists of contacts you want to send your campaign to from the To section, click Advanced options to show the Don't send to option. You will be able to select contact lists you don't want to send your campaign to. The campaign will be sent to all selected contacts except those in the lists marked with the ❌ symbol.

❗️ Important
If a contact in your recipient list is also in your exclusion list, they will not receive the campaign.

You can also add conditions that work like segmentation. Click + Add a condition to filter very precisely which contacts you want to send your campaign to based on their attributes. You can set as many conditions as you want. There are two types of conditions you can use to filter your contacts:

  • In the Properties tab, you can set a condition based on your contacts' attributes such as their birth date or subscription status.
  • In the Events tab, you can set a condition based on events tracked from the previous emails you sent to your contacts such as if they have opened them or unsubscribed from them. 
➡️ For example
If you want to send your email only to customers who have opened at least one of your emails, select from the Events tab the They have opened an email condition. Then choose Any type of email at least 1 time over all time


Segments can also help you filter the contacts you want to send your campaign to based on properties or events from their contact information.

Click the Segment tab, and from the Select segment drop-down list, select the segments that contain the contacts you want to send your email to.
If needed, you can create a segment directly from this tab by clicking + Create a new segment in the drop-down list. Remember to refresh your browser if you create a new segment. 
To learn more, check our dedicated article Overview of the [NEW] Segmentation feature.

💡 Good to know
At the bottom of the To section, you have an overview of how many recipients will receive this email campaign and the number of remaining emails you have. Make sure you have enough remaining email credits to send your campaign according to your Pricing plan.
Otherwise you will have to requeue your email campaign when your credits are available again. 

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