Disable your chat widget when needed

With Conversations, you can choose when you want your chat widget to be visible to your visitors.

For example, if you want your clients to be able to ask their questions even when you are not available, you can activate the Messenger mode through your Chat widget customization settings. If you activate the messenger mode, we recommend enabling the Contact form bot to allow your visitors to receive your answers directly by email. 

You can also decide to hide your chat widget under certain circumstances that can be set through triggers. For example, you can hide your chat widget on specific web pages or when your agents are offline and won't be able to reply. 

Customize your chat widget to disable it when offline

You can customize your chat widget so that it is disabled when all your agents are offline or invisible. 

  1. Optional: Set up operating hours or check the Set my status to "offline" after X minutes of not reacting to new messages box from your Chat profile settings to automatically go offline on specific days/hours or after a certain time lapse. 
  2. Go to Settings > Chat widget
  3. Scroll until the Customize section and go to Messenger mode
  4. Find the Activate Messenger mode when agents are not online box.

    You can either:
    • Leave the box checked to display your chat widget even when all agents are offline. 
      This means that your chat widget will be in Messenger mode: Visitors can still contact you and will receive your answers by email if they accepted to share their contact details or in the chat widget when they will go back to your website.
    • Uncheck the box to hide the chat widget when your agents are offline or invisible. 
      This means that if all your agents go offline, either by themselves or automatically thanks to operating hours, the chat widget will be hidden on your website. 

Disable the chat widget through triggers 

This feature is only available on our Chat Pro plan

You can set up triggers to disable your chat widget in specific circumstances. To learn more, check our dedicated article What are the targeted chats (or triggers) and how to use them?.

For example, if you want to hide your chat widget when your visitor closed it 30 seconds ago and agents are either online or offline, set up a trigger with the following conditions:


You can go further and create a chatbot scenario to display a custom series of messages corresponding to the page purpose. To learn more, check our dedicated article Set up Chatbot scenarios.

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