Test your emails personalized with Brevo Template Language

In this article, we will explain how to test your emails that were personalized with the Brevo Template Language to make sure all content is displaying correctly.

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🧪 How to test an email?

After creating an email template or campaign that contains contact attributes and transactional parameters placeholders, you may want to make sure they are correctly replaced by your contacts and events information.

💡 Good to know
If your email contains contact attributes placeholders, make sure that your Brevo contact list contains an email address and an attribute value for the contact you are using to test your email. If the attribute value is empty in your contact list, the value will either appear as blank like Hi,or like Hi there, if you specified "there" as a fallback text.

To test your personalization, you can either:

Send a test email Preview your email Use an API call

Send your email campaign to your test list before you send it to your customers to check that everything works exactly like you want it to work and that the design of your campaign looks great when clients receive them. You can send your test email directly from the campaign creation flow or the Drag & Drop Editor, or from the Email campaigns list. To learn more, check our dedicated article Preview and test your email campaign.

⚠️ Limitations

The Send a test email option may not replace your placeholders depending on:

  • The type of email your are creating (campaign or template),
  • The type of placeholders you inserted in your email (contact attributes or transactional parameters).


Email campaign Email template

Contact attributes

If there is an existing email address and attribute value in your Brevo contacts list, the value will be replaced by contact's information.
Transactional parameters

The parameter values will be populated in your test email only in the following cases:
- the campaign was created using the API v3 call AND params were passed during the creation call, or
- the campaign was created in Brevo and params were passed as part of the Update Campaign API v3 call before the test email was sent.

The parameter values in your test email will appear as blank since params are populated at the time of sending when the API call is received or when the Automation workflow is triggered by an event.

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