Overview of the Campaigns dashboard

Your Brevo account includes a dashboard highlighting important statistics and information about your contacts and all your campaigns combined (email, SMS, WhatsApp, Web Push, and Facebook Ads).

Your dashboard is dynamic and changes based on your contacts and campaign data. Some of these data are clickable, allowing you to access the list of contacts that are part of a statistic and to perform actions on them.

To access your dashboard, go to Campaigns > Dashboard.

📊 Overview

Under Dashboard, click Recalculate now to display your latest campaign data. You can recalculate your campaign data every 6 hours. 


You can create a campaign directly from the dashboard by clicking Create a campaign and choosing the type of campaign you want to create: 


Dashboard default statistics


By default, your dashboard gives you an overview of the following statistics:

  • Your total number of contacts
  • Your total number of campaigns opened and open rate (number of campaigns opened divided by the number of campaigns sent). Click info-black-icon.png to have more details (Trackable open rate, Trackable opens, and Estimated opens).
  • Your total number of recipients who clicked a link in a campaign and your click rate (number of campaigns that registered a click divided by the number of campaigns sent).
  • Your total number of blocklisted contacts and your blocklist rate (number of blocklisted contacts divided by the number of campaigns sent).

By clicking the arrow next to each statistic, you can access the list of contacts that are part of it and perform actions on them thanks to segments. To learn more about segments, check our dedicated section Segments.

Global calculated values


Global Calculated Values are custom statistics you can create and display on your dashboard. 

To learn more about Calculated Values and how to add them to your dashboard, check our dedicated articles Add Global Computed Values to my Dashboard.

Campaigns related statistics

Your dashboard also displays some statistics according to the status of the campaigns you currently have in your account.

Previous Draft Suspended Scheduled
💡 Good to know
The Previous campaigns section is only displayed if you have already sent campaigns from your account.

View data and statistics about your previous campaigns: type of campaign, ID, name, number of recipients, openers, clickers, unsubscribed contacts, and sent date. You can also quickly preview a previous campaign or access its full report by clicking more-action-icon.png > Preview or Report. 

To learn more about campaign reports and statistics, check our dedicated articles:

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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