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Yotpo integration - Add your website reviewers' contact details to your Brevo contacts list


The Brevo integration with Yotpo allows you to create Brevo contacts from reviews left by your website visitors and collected by Yotpo. Each time a visitor leaves a review on a product from your website, they are automatically added to your chosen Brevo contact list. 

Before you start

  • Make sure your eCommerce website is completely set up and accessible without a password. 
  • Make sure your products are active on your website and accessible. 
  • Make sure that your Yotpo app is installed on your eCommerce website. To learn more, check the list of eCommerce platforms supported by Yotpo

Part 1: Retrieve your Yotpo API Credentials

To integrate Yotpo with Brevo, you will first need to retrieve your Yotpo account App key and Secret key:

  1. Connect to your Yotpo account and go to Settings
  2. From the API Credentials section, copy the code from the App Key field and save it in a document.
  3. Click Get secret key

  4. You will receive an email from the Yotpo team containing a code to retrieve your Yotpo Access Key. Open the email and copy the code.
  5. Go back to your Yotpo account settings. The Enter the code block displays in the API Credentials section.
    💡 Good to know
    If the Enter the code block doesn't display automatically, refresh the page. 
    In the Enter code field, paste the code you copied from the email and click Submit
  6. The Your secret key wizard opens. Click Copy to clipboard and paste the secret key in the same document as the App key to save it. 
    ❗️ Important
    Make sure to save your secret key in a safe place and only share it with parties that should have access to your data.

You now have your App key and your Secret Key saved. They will help us set up the Yotpo integration with Brevo. 

Part 2: Set up the Yotpo integration

Now that you have retrieved your service account's username and secret, you are ready to start integrating Yotpo with Brevo:

  1. Click the account dropdown > Plugins & Integrations.
  2. Search and click the Yotpo integration.
  3. Give a name to the integration.
  4. Click Create integration.

Connect account

Connect the integration to the service account you previously created:

  1. Click Connect your account or Add an account.
  2. Fill in the account information:
    • Authentication name: the name you want to give to the account
    • Username: your Yotpo App key (that you previously saved)
    • Password: your Yotpo Secret Key (that you previously saved)
  3. Click Proceed. Your account is now active.
  4. Click Continue.

Mapping Data

Indicate how Brevo should match the data from your Yotpo project:

  1. From the Yotpo attribute column, choose the Yotpo attributes you want to map to your Brevo contacts attributes. 
  2. From the drop-down list, select the Yotpo attributes that correspond to the Brevo Contact attributes you want to map. You can map as many attributes as you need. To ignore an attribute, choose Do not import from the drop-down list. 
    ❗️ Important
    Yotpo does not give the possibility to create custom fields. Only basic fields are supported for mapping. 
  3. Once you are done, click Continue.

Select your list

Select in which list you want to synchronize your Yotpo reviewers:

  1. To synchronize your Yotpo reviewers to your Brevo contacts, you can either:
    • In the Select a list tab, select the list from your existing one in which you want to synchronize your Yotpo reviewers.
    • In the Create a list tab, create a new list in which you want to synchronize your Yotpo reviewers.
  2. Click Continue.


To enable the integration, click Save and activate.


Part 3: Check your contacts

Now that your integration is connected to Brevo and set up, each time a visitor leaves a review on your website, they will be added to your contacts and to the list of contacts you selected during the Yotpo set up.

To access the list, go to Contacts > Lists and choose the folder in which you created it. You will see that your reviewers' details have been added to the list of contacts you selected during the Yotpo set up:

Reviews on your website Your Sendiblue contact list
yotpo_review-website_EN-US.png yotpo_contacts-list-EN-US.png

Sync reviewers' contact details to Brevo by importing Yotpo reviews

❗️ Important
To enable the automatic sync to Brevo when importing reviews to Yotpo, make sure you have correctly set up the Yotpo integration on your Brevo account.

If you want to retrieve contacts' details from a review collector other than Yotpo to create new Brevo contacts, you can always import those reviews into Yotpo via an Excel file provided by them. Yotpo will then automatically sync with your Brevo account and create new contacts from the imported reviews on your Brevo Contacts page. To learn how to import reviews to Yotpo, check the dedicated article on the Yotpo help center. 

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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