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❗️ Important
This feature is only accessible to users using API or with an updated Shopify, WooCommerce (v4.0.0), or PrestaShop (v5.0.0) plugin at the moment. We will progressively launch it for other plugins.

Our eCommerce dashboard is the perfect tool to follow data from your customers and their orders on your website. Follow your revenue on specific periods, compare data with another period, check your product performance, and use the Retention analysis to improve your marketing strategy. 


💡 Good to know
- You can select the period on the top right corner and select a comparison period.
- If you want to change the currency, just go to Settings > Store currency.
You can choose between Sunday and Monday for the first day of the week in Settings > First day of week.


In Revenue, you'll find your total revenue for the selected period, and the same data displayed per day or month according to the chosen. 

You can hover over the chart sticks to check the details:

  • comparison with the previous period (selected at the bottom right)
  • % from new customers
  • % from returning customers


The light blue part of the chart corresponds to the New customers and the dark blue part to Returning customers. Just hover over the two left parts to highlight one or the other.

❗️ Important
By default, all order statuses are counted in Revenue. To select which order statuses you want to count as Revenue, go to Settings > Order statuses.

Orders & New customers


You can see your total of orders for the selected period and the repartition per day (or month according to the length of the selected period).

When you hover over the chart, you'll see the details of the day (or month for long periods) and the comparison with the previous period.


New customers

The behavior is the same as Orders. A new customer is a customer placing an order for the first time.

Popular products

Your 10 most popular products are gathered in the Popular Products widget. You can order your products per Revenue or Quantity (ordered).


Click See all to get more details on each of your products and see the full list. It'll get you to the Product Performance page. You can check our dedicated article: Check your product performance with our eCommerce dashboard.

Live feed

The live feed gathers all the latest actions of your clients and customers. You can follow these two actions:

  • When a client has added products to their shopping cart - the amount is displayed in gray
  • When a client has placed an order - the amount is displayed in green


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