How can I send transactional emails with Brevo?

You can send transactional emails after a user performs a specific action on your website or email client. Because of their automated and instant nature, transactional emails have to be sent over one of Brevo's transactional email services.

To get transactional emails up and running for your website using Brevo, you have three options:

These services are available in our Marketing Platform and Messaging API offers. 

💾 Use our email API

The Brevo API is specifically designed for developers, and it's available for the most commonly used programming languages, including C#, Go, Java, Node JS, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Typescript-node. With this API, you can create, schedule, and send transactional emails in large volumes using basic HTML, dynamic content, and templates from our Drag & Drop editor.

You can also programmatically execute a wide range of other functions, such as personalizing content for specific recipient segments to target your emails more effectively or tracking email performance with detailed transactional reports and logs, giving you valuable insights into how your emails perform.

📨 Use Brevo SMTP

Brevo SMTP is the SMTP relay of Brevo. It integrates with any website or app to both trigger the email and incorporate data stored outside of Brevo, such as the total price of an order or shipping information. Brevo SMTP allows you to send transactional emails via an email client (e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird), a web app, a custom MTA (Mail Transfer Agent), or an automation after a user performs a specific action.

Additionally, you can easily track the performance of your transactional emails with detailed reporting and analytics, providing valuable insights into open rates, click-through rates, and other important metrics.

There are two ways you can configure Brevo SMTP to send emails for your website or email client:

Plugin configuration Manual configuration

A plugin is the easiest way to integrate Brevo with your website or email client. Our plugins override the default email settings of your website to automatically send your transactional emails over Brevo SMTP, which is the SMTP relay of Brevo. All it takes is a few simple clicks, no coding is required.

🔗 Use webhooks

Webhooks are notifications that are triggered by specific events. They are typically used to interconnect multiple systems and receive alerts whenever an event happens in another system.

At Brevo, a webhook is a URL that you can integrate into our system to receive real-time updates on events related to the sending of your marketing and transactional emails. With webhooks, you have the ability to track specific events that interest you, such as when an email has been opened or marked as spam.

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