Format your deals and companies import file

Before importing your deals or companies, you have to prepare the import file that contains all the information that you want to upload. Each ESP or CRM has its own requirements on how attributes should be formatted to be recognized and imported correctly.

File format rules

💡 Good to know
 We have created sample import files for deals and companies that you can download and update with your own data.
  • Include only one type of object in your file: deals or companies.
  • We recommend you include a header row in which each column header corresponds to a deal or company attribute in Brevo. Column headers are optional but make it easier for our system to match your data to the corresponding deal or company attributes. They can be organized in any order without affecting the import.
  • Each deal or company must have its own row.
  • Separate each value in your import file by a semicolon ;, a comma , or a tab. If you don't specify a delimiter, your file won't be uploaded as our system won't be able to recognize each value.
  • Only include one sheet in your file.
  • Save your file in a CSV, XLSX, or TXT format.
  • If your file contains special characters, encode it in a UTF-8 format to ensure that all characters appear correctly. 
  • There is no limit on the number of companies or deals you can import at once. However, make sure your file is smaller than 250 MB.

Attribute format rules

💡 Good to know
Deals and companies come with a number of default attributes. Learn more in our dedicated articles What are the default deal attributes? and What are the default company attributes?.
If you want to import some attributes that are not available by default, you can create your own custom attributes. Learn more in our dedicated article: Create and manage custom attributes for deals and companies.

Whether they are default or custom attributes, each attribute belongs to one of the following types: Text, Number, Boolean, Date, or Category.

Each type of attribute has to follow specific format rules:


Text attributes are used to store a string of any alphanumeric characters, such as a word, a phrase, or a sentence. When used in an import file, text attributes have no character limit.

You can use a text attribute to import a company's name or language preferences. 


Number attributes are used to store number values written in decimals.

You can use a number attribute to import a company's number of employees or revenue.


Boolean-type attributes are used to store values with a Yes/No format.

You can use a boolean attribute to import information about if a company had their first meeting with you yet or not.


Date-type attributes are used to store date values. Keep the format of the values under this attribute similar to the format selected under the default settings of your Brevo account (DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY).

You can use a date attribute to import the date when you first contacted or met a company.

💡 Good to know
Hyphens - and slashes / are interchangeable. For example, 01-03-2022 and 01/03/2022 are considered the same.


Category-type attributes are used to store values from a defined set of possible values and where each value corresponds to a number.

You can use a category attribute to import a company's country and define possible values as "France", "Spain", "Germany", etc. The attribute Country of each company will then only contain one value among the ones you specified.

In an import file, you should only include the number of the value:

  • 1 if the COUNTRY attribute is "France".
  • 2 if the COUNTRY attribute is "Spain".
  • 3 is the COUNTRY attribute is "Germany".

Brevo user

To import the Owner attribute, include the email address of the Brevo user you want to assign as the owner of the deal or company.

💡 Good to know
Make sure the Brevo user you are assigning as the owner of a deal or company has permission to access the Sales platform. Learn how to manage user permissions in our dedicated article User permissions and permission levels in Brevo.

Prepare your import file

❗️ Important

Make sure you include all the required attributes in your import file:

- For companies, you can check which attributes are required from the Manage company creation attributes. By default, COMPANY NAME and OWNER are required. If you don't include an owner for your companies during the import, you'll be the default owner.

- For deals, you can check which attributes are required from the Manage deal creation attributes page. By default, DEAL NAME, DEAL OWNER, and DEAL STAGE are required. If you don't include an owner for your deals during the import, you'll be the default owner. If you don't include a deal stage, the default deal stage will be New.

To format your deals or companies import file:

  1. [Recommended] In a spreadsheet, include a header row and use your Brevo default or custom attributes as your column headers.
  2. Paste the data of your deals or companies into the relevant fields.
  3. Save your import file.

Once you're done, your import file should look like one of the following examples:

Example for deals
Example for companies

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