Exclude blocklisted contacts from receiving marketing emails sent through an Automation workflow

In this article, we will explain how to exclude blocklisted contacts from receiving marketing emails sent through an Automation workflow.

Campaigns and Automation have two separate blocklists, which means that when a contact unsubscribes from your marketing email campaigns, they can still receive your emails sent from an Automation workflow (and vice-versa).

If you want to send a marketing email to your contacts based on their behavior on your website (page visits, button clicked, etc.), you will have to send these emails through an Automation workflow. To make sure you don't send these marketing emails to contacts who unsubscribed from receiving your campaigns, you must apply a filter to your workflow to exclude blocklisted contacts from entering it.

Before you start

Create a segment for blocklisted contacts

To create a segment that includes all contacts blocklisted from your email campaigns:

  1. Go to Contacts > Segments.
  2. Click Create a segment.
  3. Click + Add a filter.
  4. Select Email > Email campaigns subscription > Blocklisted.
  5. Click Save segment.
  6. Name your segment.
  7. Select a category to store your segment.
  8. Click Confirm.

You will now be able to select this segment from your workflow.

Apply the segment to your workflow

After creating the segment for blocklisted contacts, you will need to apply it to an Automation workflow.

To apply the segment to your workflow:

  1. Go to Automation.
  2. Create a new workflow.
  3. Add an entry point to your workflow by clicking Add an entry point.
  4. Set up your entry point and click OK.
  5. Add a new step to your workflow by clicking the + sign below the entry point.
  6. Select If/Else conditions > Contact details > Contact filter conditions.
  7. Select the segment you created and click OK.

Two new branches will appear in your workflow: Yes and No

Set up the rest of your workflow in the No branch

The Yes and No branches of our search filter follow the following logic:

  • Yes means the contact matches the search filter: they are blocklisted. You should not send them any marketing emails.
  • No means the contact does not match the search filter: they are not blocklisted. You can send them marketing emails.

To only include non-blocklisted contacts, you must set up the rest of your workflow in the No branch:

  1. Below the No branch, click the + sign
  2. Select the action you want to add to your workflow.
  3. Set up your action and click OK.

You can then add as many additional steps as necessary, always in the No branch.

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