Why has my SMS campaign been suspended?

To provide you with the best environment to send your SMS campaigns, we are constantly monitoring the reputation of our clients. This monitoring can lead to a campaign or even account suspension in specific cases.

If you tried to log in to Brevo but got this message, it means that your account was suspended:

important.png Your account is temporarily suspended
You cannot send campaigns right now because your account is temporarily suspended. We need to talk with you about the recent activity of your account. It will help us guarantee the good deliverability of your emails.

Why SMS campaigns get suspended?

SMS campaigns that register a high rate of unsubscriptions or soft and hard bounces can be suspended by our system as they hurt the sender reputation, on which many of our users depend to have their SMS delivered. We also reserve the right to suspend an account if it does not reach the minimum metrics defined by our deliverability team.

There are different reasons why your SMS campaign may have been suspended:

  • A high unsubscribe rate
  • A high number of soft bounces
  • A high number of hard bounces
  • Some of your content is considered phishing,
  • An insufficient number of SMS credits.

To learn more about the reasons for high unsubscribe rates and a high number of soft and hard bounces, check our dedicated article Access and understand your SMS campaigns statistics and reports.

How to get reactivated?

If your account has been suspended, contact our customer care team to unblock the situation.

The team will analyze your account and then provide you with some recommendations to minimize the risks of being suspended.

In the meantime, you can check the below section How to improve my campaign results?

How to improve my SMS campaign results?

Follow our Best practices for SMS deliverability to improve your SMS campaign results and avoid a high number of soft or hard bounces or a campaign suspension. 

We also advise you to keep your metrics on a good track:

  • Soft bounces and hard bounces: maximum of 10%
  • Unsubscribed: maximum of 1,5%

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