Import companies

You can quickly add or update multiple companies by uploading a comma-separated value (CSV) file that contains the companies that your contacts work in, as well as their attributes.

If you only want to import one company, you can easily create it from our company form. To learn more, check our dedicated article Create a company.

Good to know

  • Make sure you follow our formatting guidelines to prepare your import file before uploading it into Brevo.
  • Note that you can only import one file at a time
  • If you plan on importing custom attributes for your companies, you can either create them before the import or while mapping the attributes during the import.
  • When importing new companies, you can associate them with existing contacts or deals. To do so, include the ID or email address of the existing contacts and the ID of the existing deals directly in your import file. To learn more, check our dedicated article Associate your companies, deals, and contacts.
  • If you are planning on updating existing companies, we recommend you check our dedicated article about updating your companies in bulk.

Once your import file is ready, you can start importing your companies. Note that you can only import one file at a time, so if you have several import files, you'll have to follow this procedure for each file.

📤 Step 1: Upload your file

To upload the file containing your companies to import:

  1. Go to Deals > Companies.
  2. Click Import companies.
  3. Select your import file or drag and drop it within the outlined area.
  4. Check that the companies and attributes are separated correctly in the preview of the data to be imported. The header row shown in the preview is the same as the one in your import file.
  5. Click Confirm your file.

🗺️ Step 2: Mapping data

You will now indicate how we should match the data from your import file to your list of companies. If you have already created your custom attributes, we will attempt to correctly match the data from your file to an existing company attribute.

Map data with an attribute Cancel an import Add a new attribute

If some data wasn't mapped to the right attribute or at all, you can map it manually:

  1. In the Company attribute column, click the drop-down menu next to the data you want to map.
  2. Select the attribute that you want to map with your data.

Once you are done mapping your data, click Confirm mapping.

🏁 Step 3: Finalize your import

Based on the content of your import, you may have to confirm a few additional settings:

Use company name to update existing companies

If this option is enabled, the company name in your file will be used as an identifier, and the existing company with this name will be updated or created if it does not yet exist.
If disabled, every line in your file will be handled as a new company to create, which might result in potential duplicates in your database if you didn't also include the Company ID field in your import file.

Import empty fields to erase existing attributes
💡 Good to know
This setting will only appear if you include the Company ID field in your import file. The ID of your existing companies can be retrieved by exporting them. Learn more in our dedicated article about exporting your companies.

When importing existing companies, you can delete their attribute data by replacing the existing data in your file with empty fields and enabling the Import empty fields to erase existing attribute data option.

If you do not want to erase any existing data, keep the option disabled to keep the attributes unchanged, even if there are empty fields in your import file.

Associate objects

If you associated your companies with existing contacts or deals during the import, you'll have to choose if you want to link or unlink them. To learn more, check our dedicated article Associate your companies, deals, and contacts.

Once you are done, click Confirm your import to begin the import process. Large imports may take a few moments to process fully. Once your import is completed, you will be redirected to your Companies page.

🗒️ View the import report

In the confirmation banner, click View import report to access a report that summarizes the details of your import, including the number of imported or not imported companies, the number of new or updated companies, and the number of associated objects. 


If a company was not imported, you can download an error report with information about the companies that couldn't be imported and the reasons.

⏭️ What's next?

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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