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I don't receive Web Push Notifications

In this article, we will overview the main reasons why you might not receive your Web Push Notifications as a subscriber. 

✔️Is your device on iOS? 

Apple mobile devices don't support Web Push Notifications. 

✔️Are you on a private (incognito) window? 

Web Push does not work in a private (incognito) window because this mode hides your user's profile.

✔️ Did you authorize Web Push Notifications on your browser?

Check if you are subscribed to get Web Push Notifications on your browser by: 

  1. Clicking the little lock on your Website's URL address bar. 
  2. Checking if Notifications are enabled on your Website. 

✔️ Chrome is not showing Web Push Notifications

If you don't receive Web Push notifications on Google Chrome, this might be because Google Chrome notifications are disabled on your device's system. 

  1. From Google Chrome, test your Web Push Notifications on this general tool.
  2. If it doesn't work, try your Web Push Notifications with another browser (Edge, Firefox, Safari etc.)
  3. If you managed to receive Web Push Notifications on another browser, but not on Chrome, check if Google Chrome notifications are enabled:
    •  If you use a Windows device, on the Windows Notification Center by clicking Settings > System > Notifications & actions > Google Chrome.
    •  If you use a Mac device, on the System Settings by clicking Notifications > Google Chrome > Allow notifications

✔️ Are the "Do Not Disturb" or "Focus Assist" features enabled on your device? 

Do Not Disturb (on Macs) and Focus Assists (on Windows) features block notifications on your device so that you can stay focused. Make sure these features are deactivated on your device to receive Web Push Notifications. 

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