See and take control of your visitor's screen with Upscope in Conversations

It can be difficult to understand the issues encountered by your website visitors and their explanations may not be clear enough to provide them with your help. Being able to see their screen and perform actions on it to help them may be necessary. This is why we integrated Upscope into Conversations to allow you to see your visitors screen and take control of it, or even start a call if necessary any time during your conversation and make customer support easier. 


Before you start 

⚙️ Step 1: Install Upscope to your website

Shopify WordPress/WooCommerce Google Tag Manager Any website
  1. Access your Shopify store account and go to Online Store > Themes.
  2. Click Customize
  3. At the top-left of your screen, click ··· > Edit code
  4. Under Layout, click the theme.liquid code. Search for the <head> tag and paste the Upscope installation code that you can retrieve on Upscope's < > Installation instructions page.
  5. Click Save at the top-right of your screen. Ensure your store is published. 

Congratulations! 🚀 Your Upscope integration is installed on your website. You can now access Conversations and use it ⬇️. 

👀 Step 2: Start screen sharing with Upscope in Conversations

You can start seeing your visitors' screen only after they start a conversation with you. While discussing with your website visitors, you can access their screen anytime to help them and troubleshoot incidents.

From the right panel of your conversation, under Share screen & co-browse, click the Start a session button:


💡 Good to know
Depending on your Upscope account settings, you may have to wait for your visitors to accept screen sharing before you can access their screen.

Once you started the session, you can perform different actions thanks to the toolbar at the bottom of your page: 


Tool Action
upscope_highlith-color.png Choose your highlight color. You can either choose between: yellow, green, purple, black, or red. 
upscope_highlitght.png Highlight a part of your visitors screen and show them directions. It can be useful if they have to perform multiple actions in a row. 
upscope_cursor.png Navigate through your visitors screen. You can click refresh the page, click on buttons, scroll, or even navigate through the different pages of your website as if you were on them. 
upscope_spotlight.png Spotlight a part of your visitors screen. It can be helpful to show them where to click when they cannot find a button for example. 
upscope_call.png Click this button to start an audio call with your visitors if they need verbal directions. 
upscope_stop-screeshare.png Click this button when you are done helping your visitors and end the screensharing session. 

⏭️ What's next?

🤔 Have a question?

If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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