What are the default deal attributes?

Brevo has a number of default deal attributes where important information about your deals is stored:

Name  Type  Description
Amount  Number The total value of the deal.
Close date  Date The date the deal was closed.
Closed lost reason Text A more detailed explanation of the reason why the deal was lost.
Closed won reason Text The reason why the deal was won. 
Deal description Text A brief description of the deal.
Deal name (required) Text  The name that was given to the deal.
Deal owner (required) Brevo user

The Brevo user that the deal is assigned to. You can specify a deal owner using their name, email address, or contact ID.

If you don't include a deal owner in your import file, the owner of your Brevo account will be the default deal owner.

Deal stage (required) Category

The stage in your sales pipeline used to track the progress of the deal (e.g. New, Qualifying, In negotiation, Won, Lost, etc.)

If you don't include a deal stage in your import file, the default deal stage will be New.

Lost reason Category The reason why the deal was lost. You can edit this attribute to customize the available reasons.
Pipeline (required) Category Indicates the current pipeline the deal is on. 
Total revenue Number Indicates the total revenue you could gain from closing your deal.

Based on your business needs, you can create additional custom attributes. To learn more, check our dedicated article Create and manage custom attributes for deals and companies.

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