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How can I view my most urgent or overdue tasks?

When you create a task, you have to assign them a due date. This means that this task should be finished at any date and time before this due date.

To make sure you finish your tasks on time, you can filter your most urgent tasks and focus on them. If you've not finished some of your tasks on time, you can also filter your overdue tasks to try and finish them asap.

View your most urgent and overdue tasks

From the Tasks page From the Deals page

From the Tasks page, you can see your tasks due today or this week, and your overdue tasks by selecting the corresponding tab. You can also select a specific period of time.


The color in front of the due date indicates when the task is due:

overdue-dot.png Overdue
due-this-week-dot.png Due this week
due-later-dot.png Due next week or later

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