Move your deals to another pipeline

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Only Sales Platform Pro users can create new pipelines.

To align with your sales process, you can create and use multiple pipelines. You can easily move one or multiple deals from one pipeline to another if necessary.

For example, if you're a kitchen manufacturer who's selling both ready-made and custom cabinets, you could have a customer who wants to buy ready-made cabinets but then decides, later on, to place a custom order instead. You would then need to move their deal from the "Showroom Sales" pipeline to the "Custom Order" one, as the deal will need to go through other stages.

Change your deals to another pipeline

❗️ Important
Closed deals cannot be moved to another pipeline.

You can change your deals to another pipeline and to a specific stage:

From the cards view From the list view From a deal details page
  1. Go to Deals and select the Cards kanban-icon.png view.
  2. Click the meatball menu icon meatball-menu-icon.png or Choose action on the deal card that you want to move.
  3. Click Change pipeline and choose:
    1. The target pipeline in which you want to move your deal.
    2. The target stage in which you want to move your deal.
  4. Click Move deals to confirm.

Your deals have been moved to the pipeline and stage you've selected.

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