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Puis-je encore utiliser mes filtres et listes dynamiques précédemment enregistrés dans la nouvelle page de liste des contacts ?

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The new contact listing comes with a new segmentation feature: Segments. This feature is an improved version of the deprecated Advanced Search and Segmentation and Dynamic List features available on the previous contact listing page.

It allows you to create personalized groups of contacts automatically generated by a set of conditions based on attributes and/or events, just like you could do by combining both previous features.

Good to know

Can I still use my previously saved filters and dynamic lists?

Your filters and dynamic lists are now available as non-editable segments and stored under the Archived Filters and Dynamic Lists Filters categories. They are updated in real-time like any other segment, and you can use them to segment the recipients of an email campaign, as an entry point in a workflow, etc.

If you need to edit them, you will need to recreate them as a new segment and replace them anywhere they might be used. 


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