Upgrade your plan

Upgrade your plan anytime if you feel like it doesn't fit your needs anymore. Upgrading your plan allows you to go from a basic plan to a more complete plan, e.g., from a Marketing Platform - Starter Plan to a Marketing Platform - Business Plan.

Good to know

  • Learn more about our different pricing plans and features available in our dedicated article About Brevo pricing plans.
  • Only the owner of the account can access the My plan page. If you don’t see My plan in the dropdown or can't access the page, contact the person who created the Brevo account

🚀 Upgrade your plan

Depending on the plan you subscribed to, the upgrade process can differ. Upgrade each plan individually. Choose the process corresponding to your plan in the tabs below ⬇️:

Marketing Platform Conversations Platform Sales Platform Messaging API

If you need more emails or access to more features, you can upgrade your Marketing Platform offer to a higher plan:

  1. Click the account dropdown and select My Plan.
  2. From the Marketing Platform section, click Select a plan if you have a free plan or Upgrade your plan if you have a paid plan.
  3. Choose the plan and email volume you need.
  4. Follow the checkout procedure.

Your plan is immediately upgraded, and you can use your credits and new features 🚀. 


How and when will I be charged?

When upgrading your Marketing Platform offer to a higher plan, you pay the price of your new plan minus the price of your previous plan and the prorated amount of unused credits.

If you've upgraded from a free plan, you'll be charged monthly on the date you made the upgrade. For example, if you upgraded on November 18th, you'll be charged on the 18th of each month.

If you had any paid plan before, you'll be charged monthly on the date you initially subscribed to the paid plan. A pro-rata adjustment will be applied each time you subscribe to a new plan.

Can I purchase more emails without upgrading my Marketing Platform plan?

If you're on a Marketing Platform plan and only need more emails, you have the option to purchase more emails while staying on the same plan. There are two ways you can purchase more emails:

Why has my Marketing Platform plan been automatically upgraded?

When you select a paid Marketing Platform plan, you get to choose the total number of emails you wish to send each month. Your chosen email volume will determine the pricing tier you fall into, which also sets the limit for the total number of contacts you can have in Brevo.

If you're on either of the first two tiers of the Marketing Platform Starter or Business plans, with limits set at 500 and 1,500 contacts respectively, and you exceed that limit, we'll automatically upgrade you to the next tier of your plan. For example, if you're on a Starter plan with a limit of 1,500 contacts and you reach 1,501 contacts, we'll upgrade you to the next tier of the Starter plan, which allows for up to 500,000 contacts. Your subscription cost will then increase accordingly.

⏭️ What's next?


🤔 Domande?

In caso di domande, non esitare a contattare il team dell’assistenza creando un ticket dal tuo account. Se ancora non hai un account, puoi contattarci qui.

Se stai cercando aiuto per un progetto che prevede l'utilizzo di Brevo, possiamo metterti in contatto con il giusto partner esperto certificato Brevo.

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