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Understanding pipelines, stages, deals, companies, and tasks in Sales CRM

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Sales CRM comes with different features that can be used to manage customer interactions and data throughout the sales process. We'll explain what each of these features is and what benefits they can bring to your business.

🌉 Pipeline

A pipeline is a visual representation of the various stages in a sales process. It helps track the progress of deals and to manage the sales process by monitoring the status of each stage, identifying bottlenecks, and guiding the next sales activities. 

If you're selling multiple products or services, you can create multiple pipelines with custom stages, such as one for your physical products and one for your digital products, and switch from one to the other.


🪜 Stages

A stage is a step included in your pipeline. They represent each stage in your sales process and help give a clear idea of whether a deal is more likely to be won or lost. You can set a win probability for each stage, based on the likelihood of a deal to be won at a specific stage, and forecast your expected revenue based on the deals in each stage.


💵 Deals

A deal represents an opportunity for a business to sell its products or services to a contact or company. It’s tracked through the different stages of a pipeline until won or lost, providing a clear view of the status of each deal and the actions taken toward closing them.

You can associate deals with contacts and companies to ensure that you always have the right point of contact in a company and can track your B2B business opportunities.


🏦 Companies

Companies are the organizations that you interact and work with. You can associate companies with contacts and deals to stay organized and better keep track of your contacts and opportunities within a company.


🗒️ Tasks

A task is an action that you have to take regarding a deal, company, or contact. It can be a to-do item, a call, a meeting, a deadline, or even a lunch. 

You can set a reminder for when a task is due or when someone assigns a task to you to make sure you are doing things on time and not missing any opportunities or important follow-ups.


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