Create and use tags in your transactional emails

Tags are used to classify your transactional emails. They can be used to filter or enable quick searches on your contacts.

Transactional tags are used just like a tag for a blog article or a photo. This is a way of finding, by a search function, which subscribers have received a certain type of transactional email, like "Password Reset" or "Receipt".

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You can also create and use tags for email campaigns. To learn more, check our dedicated article Create and use tags in your email campaigns.

Create or add a tag to a transactional email

To create or add a tag to a transactional email:

  1. At the Setup step of your email template, click Show Advanced Options.
  2. In the Add a tag field, type a descriptive tag for your template. If the tag already exists, select it from the list, else click Add a new item to create a new one. 

Segment your contacts using tags

You can use the tags you added to your transactional emails to filter your contacts in Contacts > Segments.

To create a segment using tags: 

  1. Go to Contacts > Segments.
  2. Click Create a segment
  3. Click + Add a filter. 
  4. Select the following condition:
    1. Email > select one of the events according to your needs, e.g. Email opened.
    2. Any type of email > select Transactional email.
    3. Select a number of times and period of time according to your needs.
    4. Choose which transactional emails > Email tag > Is exactly > select the tag(s) that you want to use to filter your contacts.
      The number of contacts corresponding to the filters you specified is displayed in the table below the condition.
  5. Optional: Add other conditions according to your needs.
  6. Click Save as segment.

Filter your logs using tags

Using tags for your transactional emails can help you review your transactional email reports. You can use tags to filter your logs, which allows you to check how certain types of emails are performing with your customers. Logs give you information about your transactional emails, like if they've been delivered, opened, or blocked.

  1. Go to Transactional > Logs.
  2. Click All tags.
  3. Select the tags from the drop-down menu by checking the corresponding boxes.
  4. Click Apply.

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