Launch an automation when a contact matches one of your segments

Brevo lets you launch an automation when a contact matches one of your segments. This is useful to automatically interact with contacts who meet specific criteria, e.g. automatically send an introduction email every time a contact is assigned to you.

Before you start

Create the segment you want to use as your entry point. To learn more, check our dedicated article Create a segment to filter your contacts.

Add an entry point to your automation

To create an automation that allows contacts to enter only if they match one of your segments:

  1. Go to Automations.
  2. Click Create an automation.
  3. Click Create a custom automation.
  4. Give a name and a description to your automation.
    ❗️ Important
    So that the automation works in an optimal way, do not select Allow your contacts to enter the automation more than once.
  5. Click Create automation.
  6. Click Add an entry point to add the first step of your automation.
  7. Select Contact Details > A contact is in a segment at a given time.
  8. In the Segment dropdown, select a segment. When a contact matches this segment, they'll enter the automation.
  9. In the How often to check segment? dropdown, select how often we should check if a contact is in one of your segments.
  10. (Optional) Select Weekdays only if you only want the check to happen on weekdays, and not during the weekend.
  11. In the When to check segment? field, select the time at which we should check if a contact is in your segment. You can either choose a daily, weekly, or monthly check and choose a specific time and day. 
    💡 Good to know
    In case of deactivation and reactivation of the automation, the segment will be checked once at the time of reactivation and then again at each custom interval and time.
  12. Click OK.

Once you have added the entry point, you can keep adding more steps to the automation (send an email, add to a list, etc.).

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