Warm up your dedicated IP

In this article, we will explain what the warm-up process is and how to warm up your dedicated IP efficiently.

Why warm up a dedicated IP?

As mentioned previously, a new Brevo dedicated IP is "fresh" and its reputation is neutral. Once associated with your subdomain, your new IP needs to become known by ISPs (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) before it is used to send large volumes of emails.

To build a positive reputation with ISPs, we highly recommend that you start by sending emails in small amounts and gradually increase these volumes overtime to warm up your IP. This process allows ISPs to recognize you as a sender and become more lenient with your messages.

If you do not follow this warm-up process for your dedicated IP (e.g., and instead send 100,000 emails from a fresh IP), ISPs will be surprised by this large sending volume from an unrecognized sender/IP address. ISPs may not deliver your messages to your recipients' inboxes when in doubt. Following the recommended process to gradually increase your sending volumes will enable ISPs to both recognize and trust you as a sender.

How does warming up a dedicated IP work?

A good and proper warm-up is usually performed with at least four weeks of continuous sending with a daily volume increase. It means that you cannot warm up your IP with only one email campaign; it takes weeks of regular, day-to-day sending with at least 3,000 emails a day.

❗️ Important
If you do not send any emails from your dedicated IP for 30 days, you'll have to restart the warm-up process once again.

Warm up your dedicated IP

To help you warm up your dedicated IP, you'll find the option Dedicated IP warm-up at the Schedule Campaign step (or Setup step) when creating a new email campaign.

When you select this option, you'll be asked to enter the number of daily emails you want to send and the desired increase percentage per day. We recommend you set the number of daily emails to 3,000, with an increase of 15% per day.


For example, if you send emails to 100k contacts using the values recommended by Brevo (3,000 daily emails with an increase of 15% per day), the results will look like this:

Day no. Number of emails sent per day Total number of emails sent
1 3,000 3,000
2 3,450 6,450
3 3,968 10,418
4 4,563 14,980
5 5,247 20,227
6 6,034 26,261
7 6,939 33,200
8 7,980 41,180
9 9,177 50,358
10 10,554 60,911

If you want to send the same number of emails every day, enter 0 for the daily percentage increase.

Please note that this recommendation is an example, and you should adjust it according to your desired daily sending volume.

❗️ Important
We do not recommend suspending and requeuing an email campaign during the warm-up phase for two reasons:
- Upon being requeued, the campaign will restart the warm-up phase from the beginning and the sending quota will be reset, and
- Two batches of emails will be sent on that same day.

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