Use a pool of dedicated IPs

In this article, we will explain how to create and manage a pool of dedicated IPs.

Pools of dedicated IPs, commonly called IP pools, are groups of dedicated IP addresses that are used to manage the sending reputation of your emails.

Why use a pool of dedicated IPs?

Once you have configured at least two dedicated IPs on your Brevo account, you can choose to create a pool of dedicated IPs so that your email campaigns can be delivered more quickly and effectively. To do so, you must associate several dedicated IPs to one sender.

For example, if you create an IP pool of 2 for one of your senders, email campaigns from that sender will be sent at random from each IP (50/50). This will not be visible to your recipient, who will always see the same sender. However, it will allow your ISP to deliver your email campaigns twice as quickly.

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Using an IP pool is particularly important if you send more than 200,000 emails per day.

Before you start 

Set up your dedicated IPs to be able to use them in a pool of IPs. To learn more, check our dedicated article Setting up a dedicated IP in Brevo.

Create a pool of IPs

To create a pool of dedicated IPs:

  1. In Brevo, click your account name and select Senders, Domains & Dedicated IP > Senders.
  2. To assign a pool of IPs to a specific sender, either add a new sender or click Edit next to the sender you wish to manage.
  3. Click Manage the pool of IPs.
  4. Select which dedicated IPs you want to link to this sender. You can select one or several IPs.
  5. Click Save. The dedicated IP you selected has been added to the list of IP addresses linked to this sender.

Your IP pool has now been created, and your email campaigns will be sent at random by one of the IP addresses in the pool, delivering your email campaigns more rapidly. If you selected more than one dedicated IP for a sender, you now need to decide the weighting of each dedicated IP when sending email campaigns ⬇️.

Manage the weighting of each dedicated IP

To manage the volume of emails sent by each IP, you can assign a “weight” percentage to each IP. By default, this weighting is divided between each IP selected. If you only select one IP, the weighting will automatically be 100%. If you add a second IP, the default allocation will be 50% for each of the two IPs. The total of all the IPs should always equal 100%.

For example, if you have 2 IPs and you update their weights to: 

  • First IP: 80%
  • Second IP: 20%

In that case, the first IP will send most of your emails. Specifically, 80% of the emails will be sent from this IP and 20% from the second.

Change the weighting of an IP

  1. In Brevo, click your account name and select Senders, Domains & Dedicated IP > Senders.
  2. To adjust the weighting of each dedicated IP for a specific sender, click Edit next to the sender you wish to manage.
  3. Assign a weighting percentage to each IP address. The sum of all percentages should always equal 100%.
  4. Click Save.

Use an IP pool via the API

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