Can I anonymize the tracking of opens and clicks for my email campaigns?

Yes, you can anonymize the tracking of opens and clicks for email campaigns.

By default, we track the opens and clicks for each recipient to help you measure your engagement rate. For example, from your campaign report, you can download the list of recipients who opened and clicked your email. And on the contact details page of each of your contacts, you can see which campaign each contact has opened and how many links they clicked. 

Knowing which recipients opened and clicked your email can be an important tool to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. However, you may be concerned about the privacy implications of tracking opens and clicks for each recipient. We believe that privacy is a fundamental right, and this is why we provide you with a tool to protect your recipients' data: anonymous email tracking.

❓How does anonymous email tracking work? 

The anonymous email tracking option allows you to choose if you want to collect data about your recipients. If you activate anonymous email tracking, unique email opens and clicks for all future and scheduled campaigns are tracked but not linked to specific contacts. You can activate or deactivate anonymous email tracking at any time. Once enabled, all your future campaigns will be anonymized, with no exceptions. If you deactivate anonymous email tracking, you will be able to access your tracking metrics for your future campaigns. 

Anonymization doesn't mean that you will lose valuable insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns because you will still be able to see overall open and click rates, as well as the overall engagement rates of your campaigns.

To anonymize the tracking of opens and clicks:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Settings > Default settings > Tracking.
  2. Click Yes under Anonymous email tracking.
  3. Read the information message explaining the anonymous email tracking option and click Activate
  4. Click Save at the top-right of the default settings page to enable the option on your account.

❓Which data will be impacted by anonymization? 

Only information that could help identify your recipient will be anonymized, such as their email or IP address. All other information remains unchanged allowing you to keep track of your recipients' engagement. However, anonymizing the tracking of your opens and clicks will have an impact on your campaign statistics display, as it will no longer be possible to tie specific opens and clicks to individual recipients

Campaign report Data export Contact details Segmentation

From your campaign's report, when you click on any of the data displayed to access the segmentation tool, the results will return a total of 0 contacts as the opens and clicks cannot be associated with individual recipients ⬇️: 

Classic tracking
Anonymous tracking

You can still segment your contacts according to the emails that you have sent to them and/or that they received.

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