Remove a payment method from your Brevo account

❗️ Important
You cannot remove the last payment method linked to your Brevo account if you have an active paid subscription. To be able to remove it, make sure you:
  • Do not have any active paid subscriptions, or
  • Have scheduled a subscription cancellation.

To remove a payment method from your Brevo account:

  1. Click the account dropdown > My plan.

    💡 Good to know
    Only the owner of the account can access the My plan page. If you don’t see My plan in the dropdown or can't access the page, contact the person who created the Brevo account.
  2. Go to the Payment methods tab.
  3. Select the payment method you want to remove from your Brevo account.
  4. Click 🗑️ Delete.
  5. Click Delete to confirm the deletion of the payment method.

The payment method has been removed from your Brevo account.

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