Manage and edit your WhatsApp templates

After creating WhatsApp templates, you may need to edit, duplicate, or delete them. Go to Campaigns > Templates > WhatsApp and use the search bar or Status drop-down filter to find the desired WhatsApp template. 

💡 Good to know
Create folders to sort your WhatsApp templates and find them easily. To learn more, check our dedicated article Organize your campaigns and templates with folders.

🗂️ Manage your WhatsApp templates

❗️ Important
Be careful not to mistake the status of your WhatsApp templates with the status of your WhatsApp campaigns. To learn more about the different statuses of WhatsApp campaigns, check our dedicated article Analyze the statistics of your WhatsApp campaigns

Depending on the status of your WhatsApp template, you can only perform certain actions:

Status and description Edit Duplicate Delete

✅ Approved

The template has been approved by Meta and can be used in automations or to send WhatsApp campaigns. 

🙅 Rejected

The template has been rejected by Meta because it didn't follow their guidelines. Duplicate, edit, and submit it for approval to Meta again.


The template has been submitted for approval to Meta and is pending validation. Once approved, you will be able to use it in automations or to send WhatsApp campaigns.
If it is rejected, you have to duplicate, edit, and submit it for approval to Meta again. 

📝 Draft

The template is currently being designed. You can edit its settings and content at any time. 

⏸️ Paused

The template has been paused by Meta because it returned too much negative feedback from your recipients. It will resume after a pause period defined by Meta. To learn more, check our dedicated article My WhatsApp campaign has been paused.

❗️ Important
You cannot delete a WhatsApp template that is currently being used in an automation, or WhatsApp campaign.

✍️ Edit a WhatsApp template 

Brevo allows you to edit your WhatsApp template's content such as header, body and buttons. Depending on the status of your WhatsApp template, the procedure to edit your WhatsApp template differs: 

📝 Draft or ✅ Approved ❌ Rejected or ⏳ Pending
❗️ Important
WhatsApp templates with the Approved status can only be edited once every 24 hours, and a maximum of 10 times within 30 days. 

To edit a WhatsApp template with the Draft or Approved status:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Templates > WhatsApp.
  2. Next to the name of the WhatsApp template you want to edit, click the edit pen-edit-icon.png icon.
  3. Edit your WhatsApp template in the editor.
  4. Once your WhatsApp template is ready, click Save then Submit for approval.

You will be able to use your WhatsApp template once it has been approved by Meta. To learn more, check the dedicated section Submit your message for approval.

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