Add Global Computed Values to my Dashboard

In this article, we'll learn how to add Global Computed Values to your dashboard.  

The Dashboard offers many possibilities to get an overview of numbers and statistics for your campaigns. One of them is to display Global Computed Values you've created. 

What are Global Computed Values? 

Global Computed Values (or Global Calculated Values) are statistics you've created using formulas.

Many statistics are available on your Dashboard by default, but you can't custom these statistics. Adding a Global Computed Value to your dashboard is a good way to calculate the number of readers, clickers, blocklisted, bounces etc but for the last few days for example. 

Having these customed statistics quickly accessible from your dashboard is handy to follow some precise activities, have some feedback, or organize yourself.


To learn more about the Campaigns' dashboard, check our dedicated article Overview of the Dashboard.

Add a Global Computed Value

  1. Go to Campaigns > Settings > Global Calculated Values > Configure.

    💡 Good to know
    You can also go to Dashboard > Global computed value > Add a value
  2. Click + Add a new global computation value.mceclip4.png

  3. mceclip2.png
    1. Enter the name of your Global Computed Value.
      ➡️  For example
      You want to count the number of opens for the last 15 days for your emails. To remember that the number displayed is about this, you will name your Calculated Computed Value COUNT_OPENS_15
    2. Enter the formula you want to use.
      ➡️  For example
      Because you want to count the number of opens on your emails for the last 15 days, you've checked which formula you can use and you enter COUNT[READS,READS,<,NOW(-15)]
    3. Select if your Global Calculated Value is used to calculate a number of users or not.
      ➡️  For example
      In this case, your Global Calculated Value calculates a number of users. 
    4. Select if you want to calculate this formula daily or only now.
      ➡️  For example
      In this case, you want your formula to calculate the number of reads for the last 15 days every day and this number will evolve, so you can choose to calculate it daily. 
    5. Click OK.

Your new Global Computed Value is ready and accessible from your Dashboard.

Edit and delete an existing custom statistic 

From the Global Calculated Values Settings

  • Click on the pen logo to edit your custom statistic. 
  • Click on the cross logo to delete your custom statistic. 

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