Why not delete contacts who are blocklisted?

A blocklisted contact is a contact who is excluded from receiving your communications from a specific channel, such as email campaigns or transactional SMS. So why should you keep them in your account and not delete them?

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Why not delete contacts who are blocklisted?

Blocklisted contacts cannot be contacted through the channel they're blocklisted from. This means that you can't accidentally reach out to them from this channel and that you won't be charged for them.

If you delete a blocklisted contact, you lose all their information: contact history, attributes, statistics, blocklist status, etc. This could lead to you accidentally re-importing them without their blocklist status and sending them emails, SMS, or WhatsApp messages even though they were found to be invalid or previously unsubscribed from receiving these types of communications. Doing so would be considered spam and could negatively impact your sender reputation and deliverability

Also, if you are communicating with your contacts on different channels, they could be blocklisted from your email campaigns but may still want to receive your WhatsApp messages. So you would want to keep them in your account to be able to contact them on their preferred channels.

What if I don't want to keep my blocklisted contacts?

If you feel uncomfortable keeping your blocklisted contacts in the same list as your subscribed contacts, we recommend you move them to a separate contact list instead of deleting them. Learn more in our dedicated article about moving contacts from one list to another list.

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