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Customize an unsubscribe page to integrate into your email campaigns

Unlike the unsubscribe form which is embedded in your website or any other hosted page, the unsubscribe page is the page your recipients are redirected to when they click on the unsubscribe link in the footer of your email campaigns.

💡 Good to know
If you want to learn how to customize an unsubscribe form to embed on a website or share through a hosted page, check our dedicated article.

Good to know

  • You must create an unsubscribe page in Brevo as you can’t use your own unsubscribe links.
  • You must create a custom unsubscribe page for each language in which you will send your email campaign. You will then be able to choose which custom unsubscribe page to use from the Advanced settings of your email campaign creation. To learn more, check our dedicated article Insert an unsubscribe link in your campaigns.
  • A default unsubscribe page will automatically be linked to the unsubscribe link in the footer of your email campaign if you do not choose one. However, we highly recommend using one of your custom unsubscribe pages to match your recipients' language and your branding. 

Step 1: Create and set up your custom unsubscribe page

To create an unsubscribe page that you can integrate into an email campaign:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Settings
  2. Click Personalize from the Unsubscribe Pages block.
    You are redirected to Unsubscription pages.
  3. Click Create an unsubscription page to customize a new unsubscription page.
  4. Give your unsubscription page a unique name to locate it easily within your unsubscription page listing, e.g. EN - My custom unsubscription page with EN for English. 
  5. Click Next to design your unsubscription page.

Step 2: Design your unsubscription page

The next step will be about designing and shaping your unsubscription page. Similarly to subscription forms, you can personalize your unsubscription page by modifying:

  • Background
  • Image
  • Buttons
  • Text fonts, sizes & colors
  • Instruction text (directing users how to unsubscribe)
  • Success and error messages (confirming or nor if a user has successfully unsubscribed)

Building your unsubscription page layout

In the unsubscription page builder you will find a pre-made unsubscription page that you can customize. In the Build tab of the builder, you will find various Blocks, including Title, Text, Image and Dividerthat you can drag and drop according to your needs. Edit the default texts to match your brand's tone of voice. 


❗️ Important
Never edit the {EMAIL} text block as it allows us to display your contact's email address and make sure that we are unsubscribing the right person from your contacts list. 

Designing your unsubscription page

To further customize your unsubscription page design, click on the Design tab of the builder. You will be able to change the design, colors, and fonts of your unsubscription page:

  • Text
    From there you can change the formatting (font, color, size, etc.) of the text and titles as well as help text, labels, and placeholders.
  • Background
    You can select a background color or background image. 
  • Container
    You can design the container (where you drag all the fields): alignment, borders, background, etc.
  • Button
    You can select the color of the subscription button, its alignment, text font, etc.
  • Alerts
    An example of an alert will appear when you click on this field. This will allow you to modify the design. There are Error state and Success state alerts. You will be able to edit these texts in the Messages step of your unsubscription page customization.
  • Spacing
    You can choose between 3 types of spacing: tight, default, and spaced.

Review the mobile view

All Brevo forms are designed responsively. You can display your unsubscription page in mobile mode to preview how it will look on your contacts’ devices. Simply toggle the view from desktop to mobile on the top of the editor.


Once you are done designing your unsubscription page and reviewing its mobile version, click Next to choose the confirmation settings.

Step 3: Manage confirmation settings

Next, choose whether you want to redirect your contacts to a specific URL to confirm their unsubscription or simply show the confirmation message after they click Unsubscribe. Click Next to customize state messages. 


For example, if you choose the URL option, you could redirect your unsubscribed contacts to a landing page with links to your social media prompting them to follow you there. Indeed, most of the time customers unsubscribe to marketing emails to empty their inboxes but still want to follow your business updates. 

Step 4: Customize the state messages

In this section, you can edit the default information messages in these cases:

  • Success message: successful unsubscription from your contact
  • Error message: system error occurs while processing the contact's unsubscription 


Click Next to finalize the creation of your unsubscription page. 

Step 5: Finalize your unsubscription page creation 

Click Done to confirm the creation of your custom unsubscription page. You will be able to choose which one to integrate into your email campaigns in the Additional settings of your campaign creation. To learn more, check our dedicated article Insert an unsubscribe link in your campaigns.

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