Create a new sender

Choosing a sender for your newsletter is an important step. The sender is visible in your sent email, helping recipients to identify you quickly and making them confident in opening your newsletter.

Creating a sender involves two steps: picking a name (e.g., Abby from The Green Yoga) and an email address (e.g., You have the option to create multiple senders if needed.

Create a sender

  1. Click your account dropdown and go to Senders, Domains & Dedicated IPs > Senders.
  2. Click Add a sender.
  3. In the From name field, enter the name that will appear in your recipients' inboxes.
  4. In the From email field, enter the email address that will appear in your recipients' inboxes.
    Senders settings

    Recipient's inbox



  5. Optional: If you have several dedicated IPs, select the dedicated IP(s) you want to associate with this sender by clicking Manage the pool of IPs. To learn more, check our dedicated article Use a pool of dedicated IPs.
  6. Click Save to create your new sender.
  7. Optional: If the domain linked to the sender's email address is not authenticated, verify it by entering the 6-digit code sent to the sender's email address.

Your new sender has been created.


❗️ Important
If the DKIM signature and DMARC of your sender appear as not configured, make sure you authenticate the domain linked to the sender's email address to improve the deliverability of your emails. To learn more, check our dedicated article Authenticate your domain with Brevo (Brevo code, DKIM record, DMARC record).

Using your sender in your email campaigns

After creating one or several senders, you can select which one you want to use from the Sender step when creating your email campaign:


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