How to reconfirm your contacts’ consent to ensure GDPR compliance

In this guide, we explain how to reconfirm your contacts’ consent. Click here to create a GDPR-compliant subscription form.

Before you start

  • The GDPR requires that you must keep proof of clear and explicit consent from your contacts to send them email or SMS messages. This consent can be given using a box that your contacts must check to consent to receive your emails or SMS messages.
  • All contacts in your database must have already opted-in before you ask them to reconfirm their consent. You cannot send emails or SMS messages to contacts who have not given you their consent in the past or who have unsubscribed from receiving your emails or SMS messages.
  • Reconfirming your contacts' consent can be useful to keep a clean contact database and to send emails and SMS messages to contacts who are going to engage with your content.

Reconfirming your contacts' consent

Our guides in Email Campaigns explain how to create a campaign using our Drag & Drop Editor.

You may send an email campaign to reconfirm your contacts' consent to receive your emails.

When you create your email design, drag and drop a “Button” element into the email.


By clicking on the button, you can modify its elements such as the text and link. For example, You could write “Yes, I want to continue receiving your emails” as the button's call-to-action.

Next, assign an internet link to the button. In our example, we have used You can include a link to your website or a thank you page created on your website.


Click the button to Save and exit.

Finally, complete your campaign by scheduling it to send to all contacts who need to reconfirm their consent. 

Identifying contacts who have reconfirmed their consent

Once your campaign has been sent, you will need to identify the contacts who have reconfirmed their consent to receive your emails.

Let's review the steps to create a list of reconfirmed, consenting contacts.

💡 Good to know
Follow this tutorial for a detailed guide to searching and segmenting your contacts: Create a list from an existing contact list

Select your search conditions: EMAIL Clickers > Unique click > Your campaign > Link


Click on the Search button.

Select all of the search results by checking the box to the left of the email address, then create your new dynamic list. (Dynamic lists automatically update with matching contacts every 24 hours.) 

Please keep in mind that there needs to be at least one search result to create a new list.

💡 Good to know
Going forward, you should only send campaigns to this list. 

Exporting proof of consent

Exporting the campaign report in .csv format will give you the click’s date and time, as well as the IP address. See below for an example of a report.


From the campaign report, you can click on the download button in the top right-hand corner.

Select Export campaign data (in CSV format) and respond affirmatively in the confirmation window.


The .csv file will be available for download from the notification center (the bell icon in the top right-hand corner of your account):


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