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Set up your sales notifications

Sales notifications are the notifications you receive when key activities occur, such as when a teammate assigns you a task or when your weekly tasks report is available. You can choose to receive these notifications by email or on your browser (for task reminders).

Set up your notifications

To set up your sales notifications, go to Deals > Settings > Notifications.


You can choose to receive the following notifications:

  • Task reminder: be notified when a task assigned to you is due.
  • Task is assigned to me: be notified when another user assigns a task to you.
  • Contact is assigned to me: be notified when another user assigns a contact to you. 
  • Weekly tasks report: be notified when the summary of all your tasks of the week is ready.

And to receive these notifications through:

  • Emails: for all types of notifications.
  • Browser: for your task reminders only.

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