Recover Abandoned Carts with OpenCart: Send the Recovery Email


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In this article, you will learn how to set up your abandoned cart marketing automation workflow to send the recovery email.  

Before getting started

 1. Create the marketing automation workflow

Navigate to the Automation tab of your Brevo account.

Click on + CREATE A NEW WORKFLOW, then select "Custom Workflow".


Now you'll choose the settings of your workflow:

  • In this example, we're naming the workflow "Abandoned Cart".
  • Check the box "Allow your contacts to enter the workflow more than once."

Click on DONE.


2. Select an entry point

Good to know: Only opt-in contacts will enter your workflow.

Every workflow has a defined "entry point", which is the action taken by your contact to begin the workflow. In this case, the entry point is when a customer has created a cart. As soon as the event occurs, the contact enters the workflow. Note that only opt-in contacts will enter the workflow. The data about the abandoned cart will automatically be synchronized by the plugin.

  1. Click on + to add an entry point.
  2. Choose "Website Activity", then "Customer Event (Track Event)" and type cart_created.
  3. Click on OK


3. Add a time delay

The next step is to add a period of time to wait before sending an email. A delay of 24 hours allows reasonable time for the contact to return to your website and complete their purchase.

  1. Click on + then select Conditions > Add a delay.
  2. Choose 1 day.
  3. Click on OK.


4. Select an email template

Here we're selecting the recovery email template that will be sent.

  1. Click on + to add a new step > Send email.
  2. From the dropdown list, select the email template that will be sent. If have not created a template, simply follow the Recover Abandoned Carts with OpenCart: Create an Email Template tutorial.
  3. Check "Use my event data to customize the email", then "Data from the past received event", and type cart_created.
  4. Click on OK.


5. Add exit conditions

Now we'll add exit conditions. These exit conditions will cause a contact to immediately exit your workflow if the cart is deleted or the order is completed.

Scroll to the end of the workflow and click on Add new conditions.


A pop-up will open, click on Add a condition under "Exit the workflow". Select Website Activity > Another event happens > Custom Event (Track Event) then type cart_deleted.

Repeat the same steps with order_completed.

Click on DONE to save and activate your workflow.

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