A/B test an Automation workflow to optimize its performance

In this article, we will explain how to A/B test a workflow to optimize its performance and drive more conversions.

Effective use of an A/B split step in your Automation workflows allows you to evenly split participants in your workflow between two distinct paths and review the outcome of each path to determine what works best for your contacts (and what doesn't). Running an A/B test on a workflow and choosing the best path will result in an increase in your open rates, click-through rates, purchases, signups, etc. 


Before you start

Please consider these rules when creating a workflow to A/B test:

  • A contact must reach the A/B split step in the workflow to participate in your test.
  • A contact can only follow one of the two paths (A or B) and will remain on the path taken.
  • Contacts reaching the split will be assigned to one of the two paths in 50:50 ratio in an alternating fashion.

What can you A/B test in a workflow?

You can test the following components of your workflows:

  • Email template to learn which generates more engagement or conversions.
  • Workflow setup to learn which combination or order of steps performs best. 
  • Message frequency to learn the most effective frequency for sending emails or text messages.

You may wish to test any element in your email or workflow, such as:

Email template

  • subject line
  • preview text
  • links
  • images
  • copy of the email
  • CTAs

Workflow setup

  • which email sequences have a higher conversion rate
  • which workflow steps, timing, or order performs better for your specific goal

Message frequency

  • the optimal number of messages
  • the most effective frequency for sending messages

Add an A/B split to your workflow 

To A/B test new or existing workflows:

  1. Go to Automation > Workflows.
  2. Click the Create a new workflow button or edit an existing workflow.
  3. Add the A/B split step anywhere on the workflow, below the entry point:
    1. Click the + sign where you want to add the A/B split step.
    2. Under Condition, select A/B Split.
  4. Give your A/B split a name to help identify it in your workflow logs.
  5. Click OK.

All contacts that reach this step in the workflow will then be evenly split across one of the two paths, i.e. A or B, in an alternating fashion. 

You can then create and add varying actions (such as an email sequence) across the two paths to test which path performs better.

Once finished, make sure to activate your workflow to let your contacts enter it.


Measure the results of your A/B test

💡 Good to know
Brevo does not select a winner for you as the criteria used in judging the test can vary depending on your goal.

To track how each of your A/B split paths performs:

  1. Go to Automation > Workflows.
  2. Under your workflow, click View Stats.
  3. To view advanced statistics, click View more statistics below each step.
  4. Looking at the stats of each path, identify which path has performed better based on your goal and decide on the winning path. 

Update your workflow based on your test results

💡 Good to know
If there are any contacts currently waiting in the deleted path of the workflow, they will automatically exit the workflow as soon as you delete the path.

Remove the less effective path

Once you have determined the better performing path, you may remove the A/B split from your workflow to send all contacts on the winning path.

To remove the less effective path:

  1. Hover your mouse over the A/B split step and click on the Delete icon.
  2. Choose wether you want to keep path A or path B based the statistics and on your goal.
  3. Click CONTINUE.

Once you confirm, the A/B split step will be removed from your workflow and all contacts entering the workflow will now follow the single path you kept.

Remove the entire A/B split step

In case a clear winner was not determined, you may remove the entire A/B split step from your workflow and try another A/B split.

To remove the entier A/B split step:

  1. Hover your mouse over the A/B split step and click on the Delete icon.
  2. Select Do not keep any paths (delete A and B).
  3. Click CONTINUE.
  4. If necessary, add a new A/B split to your workflow.

Once you confirm, the entire A/B split step will be removed from your workflow.

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