Create an automation to automatically create tasks

In Brevo, you can easily automate the creation of tasks using an Automation workflow that includes the Create a task step.

Automating the creation of tasks can help you save time and be more efficient by responding to lead and customer inquiries more quickly, as you are automatically reminded of any important tasks you might have. It also reduces the need for manual data entry and other repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on more high-value tasks that require your expertise and judgment.

Good to know

To start with, you can take a look at our video tutorial on how to create a workflow to automatically create tasks 🚀. 

In our example below, we create a workflow to automate the creation of a task called "Get back to client" after a contact fills in our subscription form and is added to our contact list called "My CRM list".

1️⃣ Create your automation

  1. Go to Automations.
  2. Click Create an automation.
  3. Select a predefined automation or create a custom one:
    1. Predefined automation: select an automation and click Use this automation.
    2. Custom automation: click Custom automation, set it up, and indicate an entry point. In our example, we added the entry point A contact submits a form.
  4. Optional: Add any steps you'd like your contacts to go through before reaching the Create a task step. In our example, we added the step A contact is added to a list and selected our "My CRM list".

2️⃣ Add the "Create a task" step

To be able to automatically create a task, you need to add the Create a task step to your workflow:

  1. Click +.
  2. Select Perform a CRM action > Create a task.
  3. Set up your task:
    1. Category: select what type of task you want to create (Email, Call, Todo, Meeting, Lunch, or Deadline.)
    2. (Optional) Title: enter the name of your task. The placeholder text will be the default value if you don't specify a name.
    3. Due date: select a due date for the task (immediate or a certain number of days after the task is created). You can also select the duration of the task.
    4. (Optional) Notes: add some information about the task, e.g. important details that you shouldn't forget to tell the client.
    5. (Optional) Assignment: select whether the task should be assigned to the contact owner, to a specific user, or if it shouldn't be assigned.
  4. Click Ok.
  5. Optional: Add any steps you'd like your contacts to go through after reaching the Create a task step.
  6. Once you're done creating the workflow, click Activate the workflow.

Now, anytime your contacts will go through the workflow, a task will be automatically created.

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