Share and import an email template

In this article, we will explain how to share and import an email template from one Brevo account to another.

You can simply share a template from your Brevo account to someone else's Brevo account using a link without having to export or import the HTML code of the template. Using this link is a quick and easy way for users to import your designs and to gain time by not having to recreate the design.

💡 Good to know
This feature is not useful if you are trying to share and import a template created by a separate marketing or third-party platform. To import templates created on third-party platforms, you will need to copy/ the HTML code into our HTML Editor. To learn more, check our dedicated article Upload an HTML file to design your campaign.

📤 Share a template

In Brevo, you can share a template with another Brevo user using a shared URL. You can share the design template of an email campaign or email template

Email campaign Email template
  1. Go to Campaigns > Emails.
  2. Under the template you want to share, click More ▾ > Share the template.
  3. Click Copy the URL.
  4. Share the URL via any communication channel with Brevo users.

📥 Import a template

In Brevo, you can import a template from a shared URL sent by another Brevo user.

❗️ Important
You need a Brevo account to import a shared email template from Brevo. The template will open in the same editor in which it was created. Any modifications you make here will not affect the original template.
  1. Paste the shared URL in your browser's address bar.
  2. Click Import this template.
  3. If necessary, edit the setup and/or design of your template.
  4. When you are done, click Save and Activate to save the email template.

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