Why are my emails being clipped in Gmail

In this article, we will address the few reasons that may cause Gmail to clip your emails and how to avoid them. When Gmail clips your email, its content is then shortened and hidden behind a "View entire message" link at the bottom of your email:


One of the issues with your emails being clipped is that your contacts who use Gmail will not be able to see all the content of your email, unless they go to the bottom and click the "View entire message" link.

It is also important to note that Gmail also clips the tracking code that allows you to track the number of open emails in your campaign, which can lead to inaccurate data in your campaign reports.

Your deliverability rate can also be affected by email clipping. If a contact decides they want to unsubscribe from your emails and don’t see the Unsubscribe link that is supposed to be located at the bottom of your email, they might mark your email as spam. 

File Size

Gmail automatically clips all emails with a message size larger than 102KB.

An email message includes elements such as the text, hyperlinks, and images in its code. Each character of the code weighs approximately 1 to 2 bytes. The total byte size of the characters in the code constitute the message size. That is why the more content you add, the larger your email size will be.

💡 Good to know
If you want to know the size of your email before sending it, send yourself a test email and download the message. The size of that document equals the size of your email.

Here are a few things to keep in mind in terms of file size when sending an email:

Only include necessary content

Delete any content that may be unnecessary. A message does not need to contain a lot of text or images to get a point across. Before deleting any content, we recommend that you duplicate your email campaign to keep a copy of your campaign with all the original content. If you cannot delete any content, we suggest using hyperlinks to redirect contacts to a page on your website.

Reducing an image size does not change the size of the email

As images are loaded into an email from an external source, changing the size of an image does not reduce the size of the email. However, since images add code to your email message, you should delete any unnecessary image from a campaign to remove its associated code, which would then reduce the message size.

Avoid copy-pasting content from outside sources

When copy-pasting content from a website or software, you may add hidden formatting code to your email's code. Check your source code to make sure you do not paste unnecessary code that may enlarge the file size of your email. To avoid copy-pasting excess code from outside sources, make sure to paste text as plain-text in your campaign (CTRL+Shift+V on a PC or Cmd+Shift+V on a MAC).

Minify your HTML email

Minifying your email HTML allows you to reduce the file size of your email by removing unnecessary code, characters and spacing, and therefore to minimize the chances of Gmail clipping your email. To learn how to minify the HTML code of your email, read Reduce the size of your email to prevent it from being clipped in Gmail.

Subject Line

Gmail sometimes clips and threads messages sent with identical subject lines, such as test emails. When your emails are combined into one thread, the message size can become so large that Gmail clips it. If you do not want your test emails to clip and thread, you can change the subject line before sending your email or delete the test emails you previously sent before sending a new test email.

However, when sending the email to your contacts, the content will only be sent once and should not be clipped by Gmail.

Formatting issues

Brevo allows you to design your email campaigns by using our Rich Text Editor or by directly copy-pasting your HTML code.

When copy-pasting content from external sources, excess code may also be added in your email's code. Excess code can lead to formatting issues, which can then lead to clipping issues by Gmail. To avoid copy-pasting excess code from outside sources, make sure to paste text as plain-text in your campaign (CTRL+Shift+V on a PC or Option+Shift+Cmd+V on a MAC).

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