What's the difference between Wait until and Add a delay?

When you're creating your Automation workflows, two of the conditions that you can add are Wait until and Add a delay. It can be hard to know which one too choose. In this article, we'll explain the difference between these two conditions.

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Difference between Wait until and Add a delay

These two conditions have a similar goal: adding a delay before an action is performed. For example, you might want to wait 24 hours before sending an abandoned cart email, just in case your contact purchases their items in the mean time.

Wait until


For the Wait until condition, you will be asked to choose an action. The idea is to wait until your contact does something:

  • goes to a specific page on your website,
  • purchases items in their carts,
  • reads one of your emails
  • etc.

You can add a limit duration to this wait until condition, for example if you want to wait 2 days to see if your contact has purchased an item, just fill up this part when adding Wait until condition:


Add a delay


For the Add a delay condition, you are only asked to add a fixed delay in minutes, hours, days or months. 

When to use Wait until and Add a delay

Wait until

Add a delay

  • Double optin subscription (wait until the contact approves the subscription)
  • Abandoned cart with conversion (wait to see if the client has purchased the items)
  • Welcome email series (wait X days between the emails)
  • Abandoned cart messages (wait X hours to send the email)

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