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Overview of the Segments page

To access the Segments page, go to Contacts > Segments.

💡 Good to know
You can also create and use segments directly from Contacts by clicking on + Add a filter.

Segment creation

At the top-right side of the page, you will find the Create a segment button. From there, you can create a new segment by selecting different conditions.

You can then use this new segment to perform actions on the contacts, send them an email campaign, or launch an Automation workflow when a contact matches the segment.

Learn how to create a segment in our dedicated article Create a segment.

Categories and search bar

Our search functions allow you to quickly find a segment you've created:

  • Organize and search for segments by category: create categories to store your segments by theme and search for segments through a specific category.
  • Search for segments: do a quick search by typing the name of a segment (or a part of it).

Segments listing

With the new Segments feature, you can:

  • View the details of your segments: get a quick view of a segment's ID, its category, and the last time it was edited.
  • View and edit your segments: view and edit the conditions of a segment by clicking on its name.
  • Perform actions on your segments: duplicate a segment, change its category, rename it, or delete it.
💡 Good to know
If you were using our previous segmentation and dynamic lists features, you can find your saved filters on the Segments page. Learn more in our dedicated article Can I still use my previously saved filters and dynamic lists?.

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