Send transactional SMS through an Automation workflow

In this article, we will explain how to send a transactional SMS to a contact through an Automation workflow.

Good to know

Use the "Send an SMS" action in a workflow

To use the Send an SMS action in a workflow to send a transactional SMS to a contact:

  1. In a workflow, add an entry point (e.g. A contact is added to a list).
  2. Click on +.
  3. Select the Send an SMS action.
  4. Set up your transactional SMS:
    • From: enter the name of the sender that will be displayed in your SMS.
    • SMS Message: enter the content of your SMS.
    • Tag: enter a single tag to use for this SMS.
  5. Optional: select I want to choose when to send this SMS to schedule your transactional SMS to be sent within a specific timeframe.
    💡 Good to know
    If you wish to cover the whole day, the start date should be 00:00 and the end date should be 23:59. Which means, 1 minute before the start hour.
  6. Once you are done setting up your transactional SMS, click on OK.
  7. Optional: add more steps to your workflow.
  8. Once you are done creating your workflow, activate it to start sending transactional SMS.

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