Understand the statistics and reports of your WhatsApp campaigns

To analyze the statistics and reports of your WhatsApp campaigns, go to Campaigns > WhatsApp. From there, you can either:

📊 Access and understand WhatsApp campaigns' quick statistics

WhatsApp campaigns' quick statistics give you a summary of the statistics generated for each of your campaigns, such as how many times they were read or how many recipients unsubscribed in total.

Access WhatsApp campaigns' quick statistics

To access your WhatsApp campaigns' quick statistics, go to your WhatsApp campaign listing from Campaigns > WhatsApp:


Understand WhatsApp campaigns quick statistics

From your WhatsApp campaign listing, you have an overview of quick statistics for each of your WhatsApp campaigns. To learn more about the different statistics displayed, expand the corresponding accordion below:

🔎 Status
❗️ Important
Be careful not to mistake the status of your WhatsApp campaigns with the status of your WhatsApp templates. To learn more about WhatsApp templates and their different statuses, check our dedicated article Create and manage your WhatsApp templates
The progress of your campaign from Draft to Sent:
  • Draft
    A WhatsApp campaign marked as Draft means that it has been created, but hasn't been finalized for sending. At this stage, you can still make edits to the WhatsApp campaign settings, content, recipients, and scheduling.
  • Scheduled
    A WhatsApp campaign marked as Scheduled means that it has been finalized and scheduled to be sent at a specific date and time to your chosen recipients. At this stage, your WhatsApp campaign cannot be edited anymore but you can still manually suspend the sending by clicking the three-dot icon more-action-icon.png > Suspend.
  • Suspended
    A WhatsApp campaign marked as Suspended means that it has been stopped before it could be sent to your recipients due to an issue encountered during the sending process. A WhatsApp campaign can be suspended either manually by you, or automatically by WhatsApp because it did not follow the WhatsApp Business Policy and Commerce Policy, or because of technical issues. A suspended WhatsApp campaign is temporarily halted and is not currently being delivered to your recipients. Click the info-wa-campaigns.png information icon to find out why and display a solution.
    💡 Good to know
    If your campaign has been suspended due to insufficient credits, buy a new pack of credits. Go back to your WhatsApp campaign listing, select the campaign you want to resend and click More actions > Resume.
  • Sent
    A WhatsApp campaign marked as Sent means that it has been successfully sent to the chosen recipients. At this stage, your WhatsApp campaign cannot be edited anymore. It is on its way to be delivered to your recipient's WhatsApp inbox.
📲 Sent

The number of recipients the campaign was sent to.

👁️ Read

The percentage of recipients who opened the campaign.

❌ Error

The number of messages that were not sent because the contact is blocklisted or their WhatsApp phone number doesn't work.

😡 Unsubscribe

The number of contacts who unsubscribed to your WhatsApp campaigns after receiving this specific campaign.

❓Can I access the list of contacts who received, read, or unsubscribed from my WhatsApp campaigns? 

Yes! Find the campaign for which you want to obtain these information and, in the corresponding column, click the number displayed for Sent, Read, or Unsubscribe. You will be redirected to the segmentation tool on our Contacts page, where the list of contacts related to these statistics is displayed. You will be able to identify each contact who received your campaigns, for example or those who have unsubscribed after receiving this specific campaign. 

📑 Download and understand a WhatsApp campaign report

Download a WhatsApp campaign report in CSV format to obtain detailed statistics on each recipient from a specific WhatsApp campaign. For example, you can check for which recipient your campaign returned an error and why. 

Download a WhatsApp campaign report

  1. Go to Campaigns > WhatsApp.
  2. Select the WhatsApp campaign for which you want to download a report, here Incoming sales June 24.
    ❗️ Important
    You can download a report only for WhatsApp campaigns with the Sent, Suspended, or Rejected status.
  3. Click More actions more-action-icon.png > Download Report.
  4. Click the bell-icon.png bell icon to open your Brevo notification center, and click the link to download your WhatsApp campaign report.  

Congratulations! 🎉 Now that you've downloaded your WhatsApp campaign report, you can open it to analyze its detailed statistics for each recipient of the Incoming sales June 24 campaign.

Understand a WhatsApp campaign report

Analyzing your WhatsApp campaign report can help you update and clean up your WhatsApp contact list to avoid future errors and maintain a high-quality rating for your WhatsApp phone number. Here is what a WhatsApp campaign report looks like:


To learn more about the different statistics listed in your WhatsApp campaign report, expand the corresponding accordion below:

🏷️ Campaign Name and Campaign ID

These columns allow you to identify the WhatsApp campaign for which you are analyzing the report. 

👤 Contact ID, Country, and Contact Number

These columns allow you to individually identify each contact who has received your WhatsApp campaign and for whom the information in the following columns is attached. 

📥 Sent, Delivered, and Read

These columns give you the day and time at which your WhatsApp campaign was: 

  • Sent from your Brevo account,
  • Delivered to your recipient's WhatsApp application and
  • Read by your recipient.

If the Sent column is empty, it means your recipient did not receive your campaign. Check the Error column to learn more about why your campaign could not be sent. 

💰 Cost/Credit

This column shows the number of credits used to send your WhatsApp campaign to this specific contact. Credits consumed to send a WhatsApp message depend on your recipient country and the type of template used (marketing or utility). To learn more, check our dedicated article Supported countries and pricing for WhatsApp messages.  

❌ Error and Soft bounce

If the Error column is filled, it means your recipient could not receive your campaign, and it generated a soft bounce. The Error column gives you information about why your campaign could not be sent, while the Soft bounce error gives you the day and time at which we tried to send your WhatsApp campaign. 

There are different reasons that could lead to your WhatsApp campaign returning an error. The most common errors are: 

  • You do not have enough WhatsApp credits. 
  • Your contact did not give consent to receive your WhatsApp campaigns, unsubscribed to your WhatsApp campaigns, or blocked your WhatsApp phone number. 
  • Your contact does not have WhatsApp, or their phone number is invalid.  
  • Your contact uses an old version of the WhatsApp application or did not accept the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of WhatsApp. 

Ensure you follow WhatsApp Business Policy and our guidelines on contact collection for WhatsApp to avoid your campaign returning errors. 

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