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Check your product performance with our eCommerce dashboard

❗️ Important
This feature is only accessible to users using API or with an updated Shopify, WooCommerce (v4.0.0), or PrestaShop (v5.0.0) plugin at the moment. We will progressively launch it for other plugins.

The Product Performance dashboard gathers all your synchronized product data in one place. From there, you can see the details of each of your products: products bought together, orders, quantity, revenue, retention, and the average time between orders.


💡 Good to know
- You can select the period on the top right corner and select a comparison period.
- If you want to change the currency, just go to Settings > Store currency.
- By default, the products are ordered by revenue (highest to lowest) but you can reorder products by clicking the column title (Orders, Quantity, etc.)

Products bought together

If you hover over the 📦 icon, you'll get the details of the products that were bought together:

In our example below, we can see that usually people buying the Black t-shirt will also buy the White t-shirt (16% probability, 10% in the same order):

✔️ How to use this data in my marketing strategy?

This piece of information is very useful for your marketing strategy:

  • Create bundles or recommended products on your website with the articles that are usually bought together, especially during the same order. For example, add recommended products after a client adds an item in its cart or directly on the original product page. 
  • Send an email marketing with the frequently bought together products (you can use the Average time between orders (TBO) to know when to send your email): simple marketing email, discount for bundles, etc.

Orders, Quantity & Revenue


Orders are the number of orders in which the product was in, and Quantity refers to the number of products bought during the selected period (people can buy several of the same products in the same order).

The Revenue is the amount earned over the selected period for the product.

For each of these numbers, you'll find the percentage of all: it gives you a good indication of the importance of your products compared to the total orders/quantity/revenue.

Retention & Average time between orders


The Retention shows you the percentage of people that came back to buy the same product.

It's completed by the Average TBO (time between orders) that shows how long it took for these clients to come back and buy the product (on average).

Average and color code

The marker below the line indicated the overall average for the data. It makes it easier for you to see where your product stands according to the average.

The color code goes from dark red to dark green, dark red being below average and dark green way above average.

  • For Retention, we aim for a high percentage so the highest it gets, the greener the line will be, and the lowest it gets, the redder.
  • On the contrary, for Average TBO (time between orders), we aim for the shortest time between orders: the shortest periods will appear in green and the longest in dark red.

✔️ How to use this data in my marketing strategy?

  • Use the products with the highest retention to retarget the customers with a marketing email with a discount for example.
  • User the Average TBO to know when you should send the marketing email. In the above example, it usually takes 6 months for users to buy again so you can decide to send an email around 5 to 6 months after the first order.

⏭ What's next?

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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