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eCommerce settings

❗️ Important
This feature is only accessible to users using API or with an updated Shopify, WooCommerce (v4.0.0), or PrestaShop (v5.0.0) plugin at the moment. We will progressively launch it for other plugins.

Set up your dashboard from eCommerce > Settings:


🛍️ Loyalty barrier

In our Retention dashboard, you can find data about Loyal customers. With this setting, you can decide when you consider your customers to be Loyal customers. The default setting starts at 5 orders, but you can pick a number from 3 to 10.

🗓️ First day of week

Choose between Sunday and Monday as the first day of your week for the different dashboards.

💲Store currency

Here you can change the default currency (US Dollars) to the currency of your choice.

✅ Order statuses

In this part, you can select the order statuses you want to be counted in your Revenue. Usually, you should pick the order statuses where the order was completed and not refunded. By default, all the statuses are taken into account.

According to the plugin you're using, the statuses you see may defer from the above screenshot.

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