What is a valid phone number to link WhatsApp Business to Brevo?

You must possess a valid phone number to link your WhatsApp Business account to Brevo

A valid phone number:

  • Must be able to receive an International Phone Call or SMS during the registration process.
  • You must own the phone number. 
  • Must be ready to be used and accessible when you start the linking and verifying process, as you will need to authenticate it by receiving verification codes (OTP). 
❗️ Important
We highly recommend using a new phone number for the WhatsApp Business Platform as it must be used exclusively for WhatsApp Business Platform and WhatsApp campaigns in Brevo. It should not be used by other WhatsApp services such as WhatsApp Messenger or the Business app. To learn more about the different WhatsApp services, check our dedicated article Differences between WhatsApp Messenger App, Business App, and Business Platform.
If you really need to use an existing phone number, make sure you Migrate your WhatsApp phone number to WhatsApp Business Platform before using it.

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