Use segments (contact management, email campaigns, automations)

Segments allow you to save search conditions and reuse them in Brevo.

Since segments are a dynamic feature, once you create a segment it will take into account any new data without needing to be manually updated.

Before you start

Learn how to create segments in our dedicated article Create a segment to filter your contacts.

Use segments to manage your contacts

You can use saved segments to filter and manage your contacts:

  1. Go to Contacts.
  2. Click Load a list or a segment.
  3. Go to the Segments tab.
  4. Select the saved segment that you want to use to filter your contacts.
  5. Select the checkbox at the top left of the table and click Select all the contacts to select all the contacts in the segment.
  6. Perform a bulk action on your contacts:
  • Add the contacts to a list
  • Blocklist the contacts
  • Edit the attributes of the contacts
  • Assign an owner to the contacts
  • Export the contacts
  • Copy the SMS number of the contacts to their WhatsApp number
  • Delete the contacts permanently

Use segments to send email campaigns

Targeting specific segments of contacts is a good idea to maximize the chances of them engaging with your content. You can choose to send an email campaign to specific segments of contacts and filter the contacts you don't want to send it to.

To learn how to use segments to send email campaigns, check our dedicated section To: choose recipients in our article Creating an email campaign.

Use segments in an automation

Using a segment in an automation allows you to filter contacts based on the conditions you specified in the segment. There are several things you can do with segments in an automation:

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