Update your Brevo integration for WooCommerce to access the eCommerce Dashboard

Ensure your Brevo integration for WooCommerce (v4.0.0) is up to date to access new Brevo features, such as the eCommerce dashboard that gives you all relevant data from your customers and their orders on your website.

Update your Brevo integration

❗️ Important
Ensure you have connected your Brevo account to your WooCommerce plugin and enabled Contact synchronization. To learn more, check our dedicated article WooCommerce plugin - Installation and set up.

To be able to access to the eCommerce dashboard: 

  1. From your Brevo account, go to your account drop-down > Plugins & Integrations > My Integrations tab and click your WooCommerce integration. 
  2. After enabling Contact synchronization, click Ecommerce Attribute Synchronization
  3. Toggle the Enable the sync of e-commerce attributes option to start syncing your WooCommerce data with our eCommerce dashboard. 
  4. You can follow the syncing state of your eCommerce data.
  5. Click View Ecommerce Analytics to acces our eCommerce dashboard. 

Congratulations! 🚀 Your Brevo integration is now updated, and you can access the eCommerce dashboard. To learn more about the eCommerce dashboard, check our dedicated section in the Help Center.

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