What is sub-organizations management?

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Sub-organizations management is only available on an Enterprise plan. For more information, check our website or get in touch with our Sales team.

Whether you are a marketing agency managing various clients, a large organization with multiple teams, or a business owner requiring separate access for developers working on integration, with Brevo's sub-organizations management, you can collaborate with your team by letting them access their own separate sub-organizations, whilst still managing their activities from your Admin account.

What is sub-organizations management and how can it benefit my business?

Sub-organizations management is available to Brevo's Enterprise clients and allows you to:

  • easily centralize and manage all your entities with a separate dashboard and contact lists, as well as a unique API key for each sub-organization.
  • manage multiple sub-organizations from a single Admin account, providing autonomy and consistency across your business units.
  • use separate or common dedicated IPs for your sub-organizations for personalized management of deliverability.
  • define users and permissions at the sub-organizations level.
  • securely authenticate all users using Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • receive a single invoice for all sub-organizations (with the option to invoice sub-organizations separately and independently from the Admin account).

What is an Admin account?

An Admin account consists of one main admin page from where you can:


  1. Create new sub-organizations.
  2. Allocate monthly consumption limits to your sub-organizations (users, emails, SMS, and Push).
  3. Access your sub-organizations.
  4. View how many credits have been used in your sub-organizations.
  5. View and manage which apps are enabled for your sub-organizations.
  6. View and manage the IPs assigned to your sub-organizations.

To learn how to create sub-organizations and allocate monthly credits, check our dedicated article Create sub-organizations from your Admin account.

What is a sub-organization?

A sub-organization is just like any other Brevo account, apart from the fact that it is linked to an Admin account, along with other sub-organizations. Sub-organizations are completely independent of each other.

From your sub-organizations, you can:

  • Manage contacts separately.
  • Segment contacts.
  • Create email campaigns with our Drag & Drop editor.
  • Send transactional emails via SMTP or API.
  • Send SMS campaigns
  • Leverage Marketing Automation.
  • Send Web push notifications.
  • Track reports and statistics
  • Manage multiple senders.
  • Benefit from dedicated IP management and warm-up process.
  • And much more!

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If you have a question, feel free to contact our support team by creating a ticket from your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can contact us here.

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