Share or import automation workflows to your Brevo account

Creating automation workflows takes time. To spend your time on other projects, you can now share or receive workflows from others. With the Share a workflow feature, you can share your automation workflows across accounts, with clients, agencies, or your community, for example. Once shared, the automation workflow can be edited and re-shared endlessly without impacting the source automation workflow.

Good to know 

  • If you want to share an automation workflow, choose one from your existing workflows or create one directly into Automation. To learn how to create and use an automation workflow, check our dedicated section on our Help Center.
  • You need the Automation workflow permission to share a workflow. The Automation workflow permissions can be managed from the Users page. To learn more, check our dedicated article User permissions and permission levels in Brevo.  
  • You can share and import any workflow, regardless of its status (active, paused, inactive).  
  • The shared automation workflow is only a copy of the source automation workflow. You will be able to edit the shared automation workflow without impacting its source.  
  • The shared automation workflow is not automatically activated. It includes all generic values from the source account. However, all non-generic values that are dependent on individual account preferences, such as for instance contact attributes, will need to be updated before activation.

🔗 Share an automation workflow

❗️ Important
To be able to share an imported workflow, you first need to update all the required steps marked with a warning-sign.png warning sign. 

Once your automation workflow is ready to be shared: 

  1. From your Brevo account, go to Automation
  2. Under the name of the automation workflow you want to share, click more-action-icon.png > Share.
    You are redirected to the Share workflow page.automation_share-workflow_EN-US.png
  3. Click Copy link. The link to your automation workflow is saved on your clipboard.
  4. You can now send the link you just copied to the person you want to share the automation workflow with. 

The person with whom you shared the automation workflow will now be able to import it into their Brevo account and edit it to match their needs and preferences. You can share with them the procedure below to import and use your automation workflow ⬇️.

↪️ Import, edit, and activate an automation workflow

If you received a link to import an automation workflow to your Brevo account:

  1. Click the link to import the automation workflow. 
  2. A window with the name and email address of the person who shared the workflow with you and the name of the workflow is displayed on your screen. If the shared workflow is the one you expected, click Import a copy of this workflow.

    ❗️ Important
    The shared automation workflow you are about to import is only a copy of the source one and must be updated with your account information and data based on your own account to be activated.
  3. The automation workflow you just imported appears at the top of your Automation dashboard with a warning to update non-generic values and a [Shared] tag before its name. Click Edit under the automation workflow name to update the required values.
  4. On top of the imported workflow, you see a warning message displayed counting how many values you still need to update before activation. You can see all steps with input needed marked with a warning-sign.png warning sign.
  5. To update the values, click the respective workflow steps and enter the required values.
  6. Review the steps and the workflow to ensure they correspond to your needs.
  7. Once you are done setting up your automation workflow and the warning message is no longer displayed, click Status: Inactive and select Active. Your contacts can now enter your automation workflow.
  8. [Recommended] Test your automation workflow to ensure it works well and that the chosen actions and communication populates well with your event data and contact information.

⏭ What's next? 

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